Authentic. Curated. Living.

Introducing a lifestyle design studio has been a dream of mine for years. A very big dream, the faith to follow my instincts, go thru doors without doubt as they opened, and get past the moments of overwhelming fear! I’m grateful to my amazing clients and friends who have continued to demand the best, support and encourage me to build it. I’m honored by the amazing enthusiastic response we have received from the community so far!

I’ve focused on sourcing the unique, hard to find, perfect pieces for clients for years and I am very exciting to introduce Emerson Bailey Collection Lifestyle studio LLC. The intention behind the Emerson Bailey Collection Lifestyle concept studio is to join art and design with the community.

I’ve lived in Colorado for 24 years and I am very grateful for the quality of life Colorado has offered in the raising of my two amazing boys. I’ve traveled extensively to source the things that I love, antiques, furniture, accessories, art, garden elements and other lifestyle products to enhance my life and those of my clients. The Lifestyle concept studio is about creating an approachable, intimate atmosphere that can help people visualize living with elements they love. I believe good design should evoke feelings, impact the way we live. I want to offer an environment to encourage collaboration, start discussions and help people design their lifestyles.

The studio is my opportunity to offer the community a thoughtfully curated collection of the things that I love. The intermingling of Swedish, Belgian, and other European antiques with Contemporary design elements and the accessibility to the highest quality authentic products to create a well designed lifestyle that enhances  L I V I N G!

The goal is to source the best and the rare one-of-a-kind and to offer them in one well curated atmosphere visually enabling the creation of beauty while making it accessible and convenient.

I’m excited to collaborate with my industry peers, artists and others in creative fields to share with the community, create an opportunity for growth in design in Colorado by hosting events, workshops, introductions and to celebrate life!  I invite you to visit the studio opening June 2018.  Colorado is ready to embrace another level of living and design!

I am blessed to have this opportunity to make my work also about my lifestyle … interiors, beauty, fashion, entertaining and people!

About the Designer


Warm thoughtfully elegant interiors using authentic materials and antiques mixed with contemporary elements.


Things with a story, Quality, Natural verses man made, Unique, Authentic, Cashmere, Leather, Linen, Wool, One of a kind accessories, Simple forms made from exquisite materials, Contemporary art, Dogs


Architecture and design should be purposeful,
Design should be timeless and interesting,
Well designed spaces should draw you in, talk to your senses, they should be layered, multi-dimensional, they should make someone curious and want to take another longer look to absorb it.
By creating a lifestyle and an atmosphere you can shape the direction of your life
All things should be thoughtfully, beautifully designed, why not?
Life changes be open to learn and experience it, embrace what happens next
Hardware and lighting are the jewelry in a space,
One of a kind pieces elevate any space, seek out the perfect object, work or art or antique
Be patient
Buy what you Love … what speaks to you, surround yourself with these things, it will be powerful.


Susan Weiss grew up as a country girl riding horses, but one that loved to spend time in the city for inspiration, nothing has changed. Daughter of an architect by education, she gleamed at an early age the ability to see what many did not.  Harold Emerson Bailey, her father was a passionate collector and to say he was a dreamer would not give him due credit!  He lived his life being inspired by the rare, beautiful but hard to find treasures. Her childhood was filled with this form of collecting and creating memorable experiences for the world around them.  She learned that patience, persistence and hard work were necessary to do things right and was told time and time again, do it right or not at all.  She also learned that no dream was too big.
Although she studied business and majored in Computer science working for Digitial Equipment Corp, Compaq Computers and Hewlett Packard she was always designing her life, lifestyle, homes for herself and others and dreaming of what was next.
After living in California for many years, she settled in the Denver area to create a quality of life for her boys that was similar to her upbringing in Oregon. She studied Interior Design locally while living in Cherry Hills Village and launched her Design firm, Bailey Interiors in the late 90’s.
Bailey Interiors specializes in lifestyle design ranging from residential interiors, staging, acquisition of antiques and collectables to assisting with downsizing as lifestyle needs evolve.  The focus is about sharing her love for beautiful design as she helps clients with their unique journeys through life.
Next on her list: Increase awareness of Healthy Interiors, Collaboration with BERG SWEDEN, Introduction of E|B collection signature pieces, Design and Present an E|B Living Home to the Colorado Real Estate Market!