Balance, Boldness & Badassery.

Ceramic tableware has been around for thousands of years. BadAss Ceramics does a contemporary take on this timeless material. We are connecting the dots between the functional and aesthetic requirements of professional and amateur chefs, the modern lifestyles we all like to live and the fascination we have for the handmade. Adding on the idea of making beautiful things that last a lifetime, and beyond – sustainability at its finest.
We design and manufacture handmade tableware as well as interior design products in durable stoneware clay for homes and hospitality settings around the world. The development of new collections is constantly ongoing and evolving.
BadAss Ceramics started in 2018 by its founder, former architect and interior designer Lotta Åkesson Persson, who began a small-scale production in the basement of her home in southern Sweden. As the brand quickly grew in popularity, recognition, and sales it was necessary to increase both the space and crew. Today the production facilities and head office is located in an old pottery factory in Höganäs, Sweden – the center of ceramic manufacturing in Sweden. The international clientele includes high end interior design retailers, restaurants, hotels, Michelin-star chefs, architectural firms, photographers,designers and stylists.
So, finally, what does it mean to be BadAss? It’s all about living your life in a certain way. You do what you love and believe in, and you follow your own path without paying too much attention to what others think of you. You get comfortable being uncomfortable, always staying true to yourself. Balance. Boldness. Badassery.