Hot Off the Press – Featuring Our Vision for World-Class Design in Colorado and Montana.

We’re delighted to receive more love around the opening of our new Denver and Bozeman showrooms. The iconic Galerie Magazine and cutting-edge Surface published perspectives from Emerson Bailey founder Susan Weiss, who shares her vision for the new spaces and our overall excitement to be introducing livable antiques and undiscovered contemporary brands to our new Colorado and Montana communities.

Emerson Bailey

In Galerie Magazine: Introducing our Montana Outpost

In addition to a slew of well-heeled new residents in the past few years, the rustic Rocky Mountain town of Bozeman has just welcomed a handsome outpost of Emerson Bailey, the design and antiques studio founded by Susan Weiss in 2016 and now run jointly with Swedish antiques dealer Daniel Larsson. Housed in a 100-year-old industrial structure in the Cannery District, the light-filled space offers a rich assortment of Swedish antiques, fine art, and mid-century vintage and contemporary furnishings—all of which are arrayed in a chic yet approachable fashion. “It has been a longtime dream of mine to bring Emerson Bailey to Montana,” says Weiss. “The community here is deeply connected to the natural world and I’m excited to bring a new perspective with our approach to livable antiques and a contemporary sensibility to European traditions.”


In Surface: Readying a New Chapter in Denver and Montana

Denver’s design scene is only getting hotter with the arrival of Emerson Bailey, which took over a former firehouse on the main drag of the city’s design district and filled it with world-class antiques, midcentury vintage gems, and future classics. The early-1900s building needed “a bit of a facelift,” founder Susan Weiss tells Surface. “I walked in and fell in love, but we had to touch every surface. There were purple window casings, gold walls, and a very beat-up floor.” A careful cleanup and whitewashing revealed 20-foot ceilings and a dozen massive, arched windows. “The architecture itself was strong!”