MileHi Modern - The voice of Susan Weiss of Emerson Bailey

If your interior spaces could speak to you, what would they say? The stories that await in every cozy corner, in every curated vignette, can illustrate more about us than we can say about ourselves. Furniture and décor fade in and out of style, but the purpose remains the same — to provide functionality in the colors, shapes and textures that embody our personal aesthetic. In an era of mass-produced furnishings, the stories of our spaces can feel muted by what is readily available; oftentimes, sacrificing quality for convenience.  
Curators like Susan Weiss of Emerson Bailey, one of Denver’s most renowned antique and global furniture boutiques, challenge the notion that unique, high-quality discoveries should be hidden behind a heavily stamped passport book, inaccessible to those that desire the iconic without the roadmap to finding it. We sat down with Susan to talk about the pathway she took to global discoveries and partnerships and how she takes her clients on that journey with her. 
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