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Brand: Nafveqvarn

Designer & Sculptor: Boj Modin - Hulphers

Ingeborg (Boj) Modin-Hülphers was a sculptor and artisan and educated at the Technical School in Stockholm. At the beginning of the 1930s, Ingeborg Modin-Hülphers designed the sculpture “Björn” and the fountain “Glob” at Näfveqvarn's mill.

Height 8.7"

Length: 11.8"

Width: 7.9"

Weight: ca 28 kg 

Cast iron is a living material and each product is unique. Properly maintained, a cast iron product can last for generations. The patina the cast iron gets over time is part of the product's unique value. Näfveqvarn's products are finished with alcohol-based paint to withstand moisture and water. How long the paint protects depends, among other things, on the weather and wind. If you want to give a new shine to the products, you can brush them with a wire brush and paint a new coat of paint.