ONO Maintenance Instructions

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Cleaning of ONO products.

To avoid damaging the surface of ONO products, we recommend that the following be observed: Please only use cleaning agents that are intended for your product’s specific surface and always follow the instructions for use for the cleaning agent. Never use aggressive cleaning agents or scouring powder, steel sponges, wire brushes or other abrasives. Do not spray cleaning agents directly on the surface, but always spray the cleaning agent on a cloth or soft sponge first. After using cleaning agents, always rinse the surface thoroughly with water. Prevent limescale deposits with regular cleaning. Wipe the product with a damp cloth daily. Remnants of shampoo, liquid soap and other body care products must be washed away with water.

Please note that ONO products that are damaged due to incorrect or inappropriate maintenance or use are not guaranteed.


In a technological world, good craftsmanship cannot be taken for granted. Neither can the continuation of craft traditions or the maintenance of the things we buy. Fortunately, the spirit of the age is in line with our set of values: that things should have a justification and last a lifetime or more with the resources that are used. This ensures future generations of consumers. That's why we're committed to educating our customers on how to maintain their ONO product so that it lasts as long as possible. Just follow these simple tips.


Hand-polished brass is a living material that will change over time with use. It is always possible to re-polish the product to a shiny finish with a specially suited polish. Please clean your sink frequently with warm soapy water and never use acidic detergents, steel wool or scouring pads for cleaning. For limescale deposits, a mixture of 50% household vinegar and 50% water can be used for wiping. However, do not leave the mixture on the brass, but wipe it over and rinse with water.


The burnished brass and copper are surface treated. Therefore, polishing or scouring your burnished ONO sink is not recommended as it will remove the burnishing. Please clean your product frequently with warm soapy water and never use acidic detergents, steel wool or scouring pads to clean your sink. To make cleaning easier, the sink can be wiped down after use. The product can be polished annually with car wax, which will maintain the product's browning. If household vinegar is used for limescale removal it will destroy the browning.

Be aware that the edges of the sink will remain burnished for a longer period of time, but that the burnishing on the bottom of the sink will slowly wear off as the sink is put into use. Please see reference pictures.


Steel is a hard surface and therefore tolerates general cleaning. We recommend regular wiping and cleaning of the sink to avoid unnecessary wear and limescale deposits.

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