Amor Urn

Amor Urn

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Amorurna - Amor Urn

Designer: Unknown

Brand: Näfveqvarn - Nafveqvarn

Height: 22,5 cm
Diam. upper: 31 cm
Weight: 26 kg

The history of the urn is heightened in obscurity. What is known was that it was part of the Baccusuran and the Baroque urns family and was created around 1919. The Cupid urns and their "sister urns" The Baccasurans and Baroque urns are probably developed purely for their decorative beauty and shape.


Cast iron is a living material and each product is unique. Properly maintained, a cast iron product can last for generations. The patina the cast iron gets over time is part of the product's unique value. Näfveqvarn's products are finished with alcohol-based paint to withstand moisture and water. How long the paint protects depends, among other things, on the weather and wind. If you want to give a new shine to the products, you can brush them with a wire brush and paint a new coat of paint.