Garden Furniture Nr.2
Garden Furniture Nr.2

Garden Furniture Nr.2

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Trädgårdsmöbel Nr.2 - Garden Furniture Nr.2 

Brand: Nafveqvarn - Näfveqvarn

Designer: Folke Bensow

Length: 23.6, 39.5 & 47.2 Inches
Seat Height: 17.1 Inches
Seat Depth: 15.2 cm
Weight: ca 29 kg

Wood: untreated Larch 

Folke Bensow (1886–1971) was one of several well-known architects who collaborated with Näfveqvarn's mill. Bensow participated in several exhibitions, including the Home Exhibition 1917, the Workshop Exhibition at Liljevalchs in Stockholm 1920 and the World Exhibition in Paris 1925. Bensow is also known for an industrial building in Norrköping that shows an early example of twenties classicism. Today, the building houses the Museum of Work. For Näfveqvarn's mill, Bensow designed a number of garden furniture, which were exhibited at the World's Fair in Paris in 1925 and at the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 1927. 


Cast iron is a living material and each product is unique. Properly maintained, a cast iron product can last for generations. The patina the cast iron gets over time is part of the product's unique value. Näfveqvarn's products are finished with alcohol-based paint to withstand moisture and water. How long the paint protects depends, among other things, on the weather and wind. If you want to give a new shine to the products, you can brush them with a wire brush and paint a new coat of paint.