Rug No.07
Rug No.07
Rug No.07

Rug No.07

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Cappelen Dimyr No.07 is a homage to the understated bohemian elegance that's in the core dna of Cappelen Dimyr. The soft irregular pattern of highs and lows creates a vivid and intriguing feel. The rug is in 100% natural and un bleached New Zealand wool in a soft creme beige. Bold chunky tassels frames the the rug in an arty and ethnic way.

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Construction: Handwoven

Content: 85% Wool & 15% Cotton

Origin: India

Any variation in colour or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique. Care Instructions: Your Cappelen Dimyr is produced by hand in the finest available wool with long and strong fibers. Because of its natural structure, the long pile rugs tend to shed initially, and it is therefore recommended to vacuum the rugs daily in the beginning. It is perfectly common for the rugs to lose individual fibers, and Cappelen Dimyr has taken this into consideration so that the excess fibers do not affect the overall quality of the rug. It is recommended to use a rotary brush spout when vacuuming long pile rugs to avoid damaging the yarn. Make sure to not use a heavy beater bar nor have the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground. Shedding tends to decrease within a couple of months.