Introducing By D. Larsson - Age-old Design, Made Brand New

Exclusive to Emerson Bailey, By D. Larsson is a limited-edition series of Gustavian-style furniture reproductions by our Curator & Sourcing Director, Daniel Larsson. Preserving the world-renowned craft of Swedish design, his expertise in Scandinavian antiques translates into these carefully reproduced chairs, in stock and accessible.
In their fastidious reproduction, each inspired edition grants access to the quality and character of unique, Gustavian-era antiques – new cultural heirlooms, safeguarding storied designs, accessibly priced.
Discover the collection, a celebration of classic Swedish craftsmanship. Age-old design, made brand new, with a finite selection of models available for a limited-time only. The full origin story begins below. 
HAGA is another fine Gustavian-style chair that is influenced by master furniture maker Ephraim Stahl (1767-1820), who was a supplier to the Royal Swedish Court and one of the most sophisticated and inventive makers of his period.
Discover HAGA

Since founding his own internationally recognized antique dealership over a decade ago, Daniel has become one of the world’s leading purveyors of 18th- and 19th-century Swedish antiques. With By D. Larsson, Daniel brings limited-edition pieces of the finest models of Gustavian furniture to life.

He scoured for over a year to find a larger-than-usual Gustavian period chair, as the era produced furniture for a generally smaller human scale. Whereas some replicas simply upscale the proportions of antique chairs, By D. Larsson represents diligent mimics of the perfect, originally proportioned models, to keep the editions as true to the style as possible. The designs are the exclusive collection on the market that maintains the structural and stylistic integrity of signed works by original artisans. 

Inspired by an extremely rare piece of history, this Gustavian-style chair is modeled after the seats found in the Royal Palace in Stockholm,  which were crafted by the Swedish chair master Ephraim Stahl (1767-1820). 

Collaborating with some of the world's most talented carvers, By D. Larsson chairs are constructed of premium quality materials with centuries-old techniques. Take the kiln-dried, solid wood European beech frames, handmade by skilled carvers; and the cushions plumped with natural coir fiber-cotton blend for a perfected balance of soft firmness.

Emerson Bailey is committed to wide-opening the doors to the world of luxury antiques, and proudly introduces this new exclusive collection of  limited-stock reproductions with the character and charm of originals, at an incomparable and unprecedented price point for their level of integrity.

This fine Gustavian-style armchair is inspired by Stockholm chair master Melchior Lundberg’s (1775-1812) specialty of sculptural relief details.